Sunday, 9 January 2011

Daryl Hannah can fuck right off.

I tried something new today. I thought, I know how I can beat the boredom and dead-footness of the treadmill - I'll break the run down into 5k chunks, so it's only half an hour at a time!

So today I did the experiment, and it was a complete disaster. I actually struggled to complete three miles on the dreadmill, and I hated every second of it. And yes, my foot went to sleep again. No idea why that happens.

I am not going on a treadmill again while training for this marathon. Treadmills are bastards. Which brings me neatly to Daryl Hannah... While I was running, I remembered her saying years ago that she is not skinny, she is the right weight for herself despite being obviously really skinny; stick thin, in fact. She said she eats whatever she wants, because she has a 'reverse metabolism', so the more she eats the skinner she becomes...

Now, I don't know Daryl Hannah, but I think there's a chance this might be a load of old bollocks. Especially if you watch the movie Shark Swarm - if her metabolism is indeed reversed, she must have stopped eating altogether for that movie. She looks like she's (not) eaten all the pies.

I'm talking bollocks. Ta ta!

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