Thursday, 13 January 2011

A fab run... the dark.

Got up early (well, 6:20ish), left the house about half an hour later having decided to run a route I've never done before. It's easy to get stuck in a rut when running, to do the comfortable miles, so I thought I'd surprise myself and see what happened.

I went a few miles out of town on a road which, for the first couple of miles at least, had a pavement; for the last mile-ish, no pavement, but as it was still dark, I could see cars coming from some distance away.

I was wearing a fluoro vest, flashing arm collar, white running shirt, white socks, and a headtorch, so I was pretty visible myself.

It wasn't easy, and I have to say the 5.3 miles felt more like 8 at times. But it was liberating, as I only knew approximately where I was going and didn't even know what the terrain would be like on what was really an old, barely-used road. Almost a farm road.

It was hilly in parts, but most of the climb was in the first third-to-half of the run. The second half flew by. I got home about 8am, had a bowl of cornflakes then took the dog out for a couple of hours. Great, great way to start the day.

PS: My headtorch fucking rocks.

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