Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kittens 1, Sennheiser 0

I spent ages and ages trying out running earphones and headphones and finally found the ones that are dead-on, absolutely right for me. Sennheiser makes them, they're found here and they've seen me through a lot of miles.

The day before New Year's Eve, we were walking our lovely dog Millie round Ludlow Castle, when we came across a couple of kittens that were far too young to be out. We brought them home and phone the Cat's Protection Society, but they couldn't take them in, it being Christmas-ish they were inundated. So we set about finding them a new home.

Yesterday, Thelma (kitten) was sleeping on my desk while I worked. So cute, so lovely, and a great little cat. Or so I thought... She woke up and started doing kitteny things and I paid no attention. Until I noticed all the little green bits of cable on my desk and realised she had chewed the cable on my lovely headphones all to fuck.

Kittens 1, headphones 0.

PS: We found the kittens a great home and they left for their new adventure today!


  1. Thought I'd better give you a comment: since no bugger ever visits yet alone comment on your blog.

    That's it...I'm afraid...the comment I mean

  2. Here's another one.

    Bloody 'ell

    You have two comments on your blog now

    You are a success

  3. Merci, Monsieur Pineapples. But you are in fact the second commenter on this blog. Hurray!