Saturday, 1 January 2011


Well, it's now 2011 and my running has to get a lot more serious before the London Marathon on April 17th.

This last week I made it out twice - I'm not unhappy with that because I'll make it three times tomorrow. My mileage for the week will only be about 11-15 miles, which is pathetic, but it's a small stepping stone after two week plus of doing jack shit thanks to the weather. Next week I should be up around 20 miles for the week again, and we'll move on from that nicely.

First run this week was an easy 3.3 miler, on a course dictated by the amount of ice on the pavements. I did most of it on the roads, which was okay - it was nice and early, and I wore my beautiful Gore running jacket, plus some excellent flashing armbands bought from Aldi for a bargain £2.99. In short, I was very visible indeed.

That was Tuesday. After that little run, I ended up sleeping for two hours in the afternoon. I'm exhausted from work, and that day made me wonder if there's enough energy in the world to get me through this training while maintaining my workload.

Friday, I did another 3.3-miler, easy pace, just to see how it felt. Felt fine, really was quite easy. This one took me on to a footpath with quite the tree canopy over it, so even when the sun is rising it's pretty dark; combine that with the amount of people who have not bothered to clean up their dog's shite after the fact, and it's a little dangerous for runners... So I wore my most excellent Silva Trail running headtorch, with its sexy Intelligent Light feature. Hot diggety, I love that headtorch. Almost as much as love not stepping in dog shit.

So that's almost me for the week - one more run tomorrow, which weirdly will be my first long run in about three weeks. Aiming to hit nine miles with it, but I'll listen to my body and see where I end up.

Key songs on the runs this week - Puff Daddy's still doing it for me with Come With Me, and Pixies Where Is My Mind hit the spot on Friday's run. And of course Eminem's Lose Yourself, pretty much my failsafe every run.

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