Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hmmm, and harumph.

So, last Saturday I ran 18.5 miles. It was hard, it hurt, and I probably walked a mile (or perhaps less) of it. But I'm still claiming the 18.5, okay? Okay.

But since then, I have had no motivation to do anything at all. Not even work. I've actually spent a fair amount of time drunk, too. Totally lacking motivation for anything. I haven't even been for a teeny tiny run since. Not-a-one.

I'm going to force myself out the door in a few minutes. Just to do a little warm-up run, then some hill reps (the hill only takes 30 seconds to sprint up, but I plan to do it 12 times if I can, which represents progress…), then walk home and get some shopping on the way, though I will be sweaty like a crazy fat person and probably bright red in the face. Yay!


  1. the labels on your posts always crack me up! hope you got out there!

  2. I did... and it was not fun! I did some hill reps, still a new thing for me, so I only did eight sprints. My hamstrings feel weak today!