Sunday, 27 February 2011

Injured, kind of.


I've run precisely once this week, but that's not because of injury - it's more like not running is the cause. If I don't run. the muscles in my legs contract, and they pull on my back, and that's that - can hardly even stand up straight put my socks on, all sorts of things. Even wiping my arse becomes a chore rather than, erm, a pleasure.

It's annoying because I've had a bunch of deadlines this week and so I've been glued to my desk. I've worked most of this weekend because I have to have my work in before 7:30ish Monday morning, or I won't get paid next month. So even though my back hurts because of not running, and partly because of sitting on my arse at a desk, I have to do more of the same. Gah.


So no long run this week; I've been trying to remember what a physio said to me several years ago about back pain and me, and I think she explained it to me as something in my lower back swells when the muscles contract, so ice and anti-inflammatories are the way forward. And walking - lots of walking. Thank goodness I already walk the dog for around three hours a day.

Hopefully I can build it back up in the week and knock out another 20-miler next weekend. It's been going beautifully, even though I've run a maximum three times a week. It's worked for me, and the 20 miles was easier than I could have believed.

I even invested in some new tunes for my iPod - a couple of Eminem songs I saw on someone else's blog comments. Class.

Anyway, back to work. I'm actually listening to Duran Duran right now, what a guilty pleasure. Ooooh, now it's Frank Black. And now... I think it's The Strokes. I'm typing this slowly to avoid work...


  1. here's hoping you have a great week this week!

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