Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Last week's round-up

I went for 15 miles again at the weekend, and failed, dagnabbit; according to mapmyrun, I hit 14.22 miles. Still the longest run I have ever done, but disappointing to have mapped it so wrong in my head that I was over three quarters of a mile out!

Also typically, I ran a loop I like twice in the long run, which is just over 5 miles a loop. It's really pretty, and most of the ascent is in the first couple of miles. One the first loop it was dark, I had my headtorch on, and I cruised through it feeling great, with a bounce in my step, and I saw no-one I knew; second loop, I saw loads of people I knew, felt like shit and had turned purple, again. What are the odds?

In the week I had to go to London for work, so took my running shoes (UK Gear PT1000). I ran every morning I was there, even the one with a hangover. Because London is such a massive shithole, and the pavements are all concrete, I ran shorter distances but made up for it with fartlek, so I would run steady for 10 minutes to warm up then go fast for, say, 80 metres, then recover with a steady jog again. It was fun and it's not something I have really done before. My arse and hamstrings feel a lot stronger as a result, too. Win-win!

Total mileage for the week was about 23. Pleased with that.


  1. I really think you should post a picture of yourself in the headtorch. At least draw a cartoon.

    (But that's awesome on the running!)

  2. Why thank you, Sybil Law. It goes up and down... Mileage, that is.

  3. Oh, and as for a headtorch photo... Maybe one day. Or maybe I'll go with the sketch idea.