Friday, 11 February 2011

Up, down, up, down.

Some weeks it seems I'm going to run a marathon on just two runs a week. Then last night I remembered that I can get a quality run in, burn some lard, and really work the hamstrings and glutes in less than half an hour.

So this week, so far, I have done two runs, on Wednesday, one on Thursday. Wednesday I thought I would try a familiar 3.3 mile loop at race-ish pace, so I just kind of went for it. First mile was hard, and I think I did it in something like 10:15, which is a bit slower than I had planned, but then it does feature a couple of hills. I didn't look at my watch again after that, just ran. When I finished, I discovered I had covered the 3.3 in around 32.5 minutes, which is about my race pace - for a 10k. Really rather pleased with that, as I can go faster, but it was pretty comfortable.

Thursday night, all I wanted was a fucking beer. Just one. Or 10. So instead, I took the dog for her second walk of the day (most days, I walk the dog for between 2 and 3 hours in total), came home, changed, and went for a run. I warmed up with perhaps 3/4 of a mile, came to the spot I had fixed in my head for the hill reps to start... The eagle-eyed among you may recall that hill reps mostly suck arse, but here I am doing them for the second time in two weeks. A different hill, a bit steeper but a bit shorter, too. So to compensate, I did more reps. Some people do them until they spew on their feet, but not me. I want to get stronger, not injured. So I went for it, completing the first five reps in 29 seconds every time, regardless of perceived effort. Run up hard, walk down and recover; hit the bottom and start again. The next two times, I did it in 28 seconds. The eighth and final time, I did it in 26 seconds. Then I cooled down with a walk home, and was only out for a total of perhaps half an hour. And yes, that includes the walk home. I was fucked.

Feel pretty good today though. And tomorrow? I have the course in my head – we're going for 19 miles. Just to see if we can. One 5.4 mile loop, three times. And one just-under-three-miles to warm up. It will be dark, it will be wet, and it will not be very much fun. But let's see what I'm made of, shall we?

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