Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Weight. No, carry on... this is about weight.

I used to get really pissed off whenever I went to see the doctor. I moved around a lot, and had a lot of different doctors as a result. Every one I went to said the same thing, or a variation of: 'You could do with losing a few stone' (a stone, US Fact/Fat Fans, is 14lbs, so a few would be 42lbs). This always came about after they weighed me and asked my height.

Now for the shocking facts. I'm 5' 6", so not particularly tall for a man. Hell, not even tall for my house - both my wife and my 14-y-o stepdaughter are two inches taller than me. I weigh, and have for quite a while, around 220lbs. I know I don't look that heavy, but that's where my weight's been. I'm short and stocky, and can pick things up that most people hurt just looking at. I have huge, muscular legs, big arms, a large chest, and a fun belly. Hey, I'm not saying I'm cut, I'm a long, long way from even being vaguely buff. But if I were a lard arse and 220lbs, I would be blocking out the sun. Actually, at my height, I would probably only block the sun out for very young children and shrubs, but you see my point.

Then one day, I went to a doctor about a grinding in my knee that was stopping me running. I said, "Before you say it, I know, I could do with losing a few stone." He replied "I wasn't going to say that at all. In fact, the Body Mass Index chart doesn't really apply to you at all – look at how much muscle you're carrying just in your legs. Don't worry about that chart, just stay active and healthy."

Amen. I was so happy to hear that, I can't even begin to tell you. I'd even weighed myself on those scales that pass a small charge through you to gauge resistance, and they revealed that even with zero per cent body fat – just muscle, organs and bone – I would still be 14lbs over my 'ideal weight'. Of course, I should have realised around that time that it was all a load of old bollocks.

I contribute to another blog about weight loss, but I don't think I take that seriously enough in terms of diet. Mind you, I might weigh myself later today because I ran 20 miles on Sunday and that has to count for something. Mind you, I had four cans of lager and some doughnuts yesterday. Maybe I'll wait.

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  1. i never knew what a stone was in lbs, thank you!!! also, 20 miles is awesome. the end.