Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Well, running folk. My back is now fine, though I have hardly run for two weeks. Why the long layoff, I hear you cry. Well, after my near-perfect long run a couple of weeks back, I had a bunch of deadlines which fell together. Ordinarily, I would rest a day after a long run, then take a short run the day after that to loosen up, stretch etc. But I didn't, I foolishly stayed glued to my desk, and the end result was the muscles in my legs and back shortened so much, so fact, that I could barely put my socks on by Thursday. And of course, the deadlines were still there.

With that muscle problem comes the inflammation of something in my back that I can't remember the name of, and after a course of stretching, icing and anti-inflammatories, that all worked out fine.

Then my foot started hurting. In a plantar fasciitis kinda way. Surely one of the most annoying injuries in any runner's book. So right now, I'm managing that one while trying to get back into the rhythm I had established quite nicely. Saturday I went to the gym and did a few basic weights, did some knee exercises, worked a pyramid session on the cross trainer (up the resistance every 30 seconds until I can hardly move the bastard, then work down every 30 seconds. Then do it all again), and a bit more. Sunday I went for a walk up some hills with WonderWife and SuperDog, which stretched my foot out quite nicely. I ran 3.5 miles Monday, and was aware of the foot the whole way round, though not actually in pain; Tuesday I didn't do anything of note, while today I ran about 5.5 miles. The foot was fine, though I know the plantar is still a bit tight. This afternoon, while working, I'm going to ice my foot again. Yay.

Times are tough. WonderWife is not that well right now, which would be perfectly manageable except we have a major promotion on something coming up in the next couple of days, fundraising for the marathon to do, a shop to work in, bags to make, publishing deadlines to hit and dogs to walk. Plus all the usual shit that life brings with it. So we're tired, in a big way, and if I could go back in time I might have waited until the 2012 London Marathon to do this instead.

Ho hum. Back to the motherfucking grindstone. Ha!

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