Thursday, 24 March 2011

My PT1000s

At the start of the training cycle for the London Marathon 2011, I got my hands on a pair of UK Gear PT1000 running shoes. The version I have is more supportive, for mild to moderate pronators. I got them for free because at the time I was editing a magazine for the sports retail industry in the UK. I'm not doing that job any more, and I can be as harsh as I like on my own blog about whatever I want…

But there's no need to be. I love the shoes. This is the best period of training I have had for years, with next to no injury problems and mostly, great quality training plods. Sorry, I mean runs. The shoes have been terrific. They feel less cushioned than other mild-to-moderate pronation control shoes, and the profile at the heel feels a lot lower, much less bulky. They're pretty light too; consider that the manufacturers claim you can get up to 1000 miles from a pair and you'd expect them to be built like bricks, but from the first run I've found them to be pretty responsive, flexible, strong – and with just a month to go to the marathon, after six months of building up to it, the shoes are still going strong. No tears, cushioning still feels good, and they actually still look fine too.

1000 miles from one pair of running shoes? I didn't think so. Now I've tried them, I do think so. I remain very, very impressed. Great work, UK Gear.


  1. erm....i couldn't find your email address, so i'm leaving it here. "the war" is by angels & airwaves. :)

    also, 1000 miles on a pair of shoes? that's freakin amazing!!!

  2. Excellent, thanks for the info!

    Yeah, they're great shoes - came out in the UK late last year, made by a UK company that developed them with the UK armed forces. They're really quite light, not overly cushioned but a very comfy ride... I love them, and as a heavy person (aka fat bloke), I get through shoes really fast. I reckon I've done probably 600-700 miles in them already and they still feel like I've only been wearing them a month.