Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chest infection.

It's not even a fucking injury. It's some shitting virus, some germ. I woke up Saturday with a sore throat and plowed on through the day - it was a big day, after all. Collecting donations in a supermarket in the day, then off to help set up a fundraising gig in the evening, then home for a bite to eat, then back to do the door for the gig, organise security, and then hopefully have fun.

The collection went well in the supermarket, I think we got over £200. Maybe £250. All fine. I was in there from 8am to 4:30pm, so it was a long day. A long day, without a piss. The evening went fine, despite the fact that two of the four bands scheduled to play dropped out within 20 minutes of each other that morning. That really was a shitter, but the other bands compensated and still made for a great night. I think we raised another £200 or £250 that night, and there have been a couple of extra donations since too. We're looking at around £500 for the day, which puts the total at over £1300. I'll count it up later today, then hopefully bank it.

Then Sunday, after a late, late Saturday night, I took it pretty easy. Did some housework, walked the dog, that kind of thing. Monday, I woke up early for a run and realised how much my throat hurt and... wait, what's that? Oh, it hurts in my left lung every time it inflates fully? Maybe I'll leave the run then. Couldn't get to the doctor in the day, so my appointment wasn't until Tuesday AM. Then the nice doctor told me I had a throat infection, a chest infection, and the lung was inflamed. This is with 12 days to the marathon.

I was not happy. The pessimist that actually rarely appears in real life came out. But the doctor said that if I am 90-95% of full health by Sunday, I can do the marathon the following week. I'm now on antibiotics and a fucktruck of anti-inflammatories, and hopefully I will be at the start line in 11 days. Fingers crossed.

I'm supposed to be collecting again in the Co-Op this Friday, but I think that might be out… I'll see how I go.

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