Thursday, 12 May 2011

A mostly dry week.

Well, so far. Not had any alcohol at all, since Saturday night. That's fine, it's not been difficult, and I've had a couple of really excellent runs too. Win-win.

Yesterday I did a ten-miler to remind my body that I can run in double digits, and it went really well. Hard, as I'd not done anything like that for nearly a month at the marathon, but good. I'm ready to do 13.1 this weekend, and maybe even shave a little bit off my PB (first half marathon, 2:08. Second half marathon, 2:40-something, cos I got hurt!). I won't be going balls-out - this is a fundraiser for another hospice, one that my friend's dad died in a few months ago. I can run that far, so I'm doing it on their behalf; I'd be willing to bet they'll be doing it with me next year.

Tomorrow, we're going out to celebrate my wife's birthday (which is actually Tuesday, but as she's in hospital Monday and recovering for three weeks after that, we're going out Friday) and I will probably have several beers in good company, then spend tomorrow rehydrating ready for Sunday. It's a busy, busy few days for us. Plus I have deadlines etc on top of all that. Ho hum, it never rains etc.

I went to see the doctor this morning as I became a bit dizzy last night, and he said before I left that if I am running a lot, I need to take far better care of myself. I think he might be right.

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