Tuesday, 31 May 2011

That is all.

So, been quiet running times over here. Was feeling great, strong, etc, and then just got completely exhausted. I think a big part of it was looking after my beautiful wife while she was out of sorts; getting up early, running, taking her tea in bed, walking the dog, sorting breakfast, working a full day, making sure she got lunch and all the drinks etc she needed, shopping for the evening meal, cooking it, washing up, doing laundry, cleaning etc… It wore me down! Luckily, by the end of the week she was feeling much stronger, though she's still pretty tired. She's just looking forward to running now, I think, though that's at least a week away if not more.

So, I got knackered, and having done a couple of nice runs early last week, then didn't do a thing exercise-wise at all. In fact, I spent the weekend on the piss, which was fun. I managed to finish all my work on Friday, so had a few beers that night, then Saturday did a TON of housework (including vacuuming the entire house)… then got really quite drunk, had an exchange of views with an outspoken (in a big way. At 1:30am. Outside my house. Which is next to an old folks' home) 'woman', then Sunday… Lazy day, curry in the evening, lots of beer and chat, a lovely night.

Monday, no idea what we did. Not much though. And today, ran for the first time since last Tuesday. It partly sucked, until a few miles in then I loosened up and enjoyed myself. I only did around 5 miles. I'll do the same again in the morning because I'm hoping to run a minimum of five miles every day this week (excepting hungover Monday). The complication is, tomorrow I fly out to Spain for a few days, then back to the UK overnight, then fly out to Macau on Saturday overnight.

So, how the fuck do you pack for two wildly disparate locations? Here's my tip: take an absolutely fucking huge suitcase.

I'll be here all week.

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