Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A week off.

That's what I just had from running, a week off. I dreamt about it while I was not doing it, and had a silly amount of energy. Just as well, as my wife had an operation last week so our superteam was out of action for a wee while. She's on her feet and everything now, and seems really well, but a general anaesthetic really does take it out of you, for days afterward.

I ran yesterday and did a small but quick (for me) three-miler (about 32 minutes, I think. I forgot my watch, but did ask someone what the time was shortly after stopping! It's an imprecise science. Sue me.); I struggled a little, but then I had set off quite fast. That happens, I find, when I've not run for a while. When I get back out there, I go a bit mad.

Today I did somewhere between 5 and 5.5 miles, and it was very good indeed. It was also quicker than usual, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The music was most excellent, the weather was sunny with a strong wind, and I kept thinking "Light comes first, fast follows". It changes the way my foot falls, for some reason, and I start to strike midfoot and my turnover increases. Strange but fun.

What else is there? I'm planning a work trip shortly, which involves a few days in Spain, then five days in Macau. Running in Spain is generally very nice indeed, but Macau, being in the tropics and on the edge of rainy season, is a tad humid (95% when I was there last year), so it can be a struggle. I'll still be out there doing it, though. Dagnabbit. Does mean I have to pack enough stuff for 10 days, plus my running stuff, and work clothes. That's a lot of shizzle, people.

Enough of my burble. Off for a haircut.

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