Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back in the saddle... again

I finally did it. Went out for a run, this very morning. And fuck me, it was hard work. It's kind of warm and sticky here right now, not my ideal running conditions, but I ploughed on.

Woke up with my alarm at 6:10am, fell back asleep and woke again at 6:44. Lay there for just under 20 minutes and realised I had to get out and run or face another day without - which for me means another day where back pain is a possibility as the muscles in my legs and arse shorten.

I got out of the house (after a couple of false dawns - I had to take another big shit, then I realised I still had my glasses on and hadn't put contact lenses in… It's tough being me.) about 7:25, maybe 7:30, and took off up the road. Normally, my breathing kicks in nice and early and I find my pace, but not today. It was all a struggle, for the first mile and a half, anyway. Up that hill, then right, up another hill, to the end of that road, then back up it, another hill, sharp left, another fucking hill, flat, left, another fucking hill... You get the picture, it's hilly where I live. What came to me (you can call me Maths Boy. No, wait. Handsome Maths Boy, that works better. HMB for short) was that it was almost two weeks since my last run, and that is very, very naughty indeed. Two weeks tomorrow, in fact, and if I remember right it takes only two weeks for your cardio fitness to bugger off completely.

Oh, I see. That's why the run sucked so much!

The last couple of miles were okay, actually. Not so hard, the hills weren't a big deal. I even sprinted a couple.

When I got home, after a short walk (I always stop with a ten-minute or so walk home to cool down properly, without cooling down entirely), I stretched outside the house. I took fucking ages with it (around 20 minutes, I think), because I really, really needed it. And now, I feel so much better there are no words. I might even get some fucking work done.

Just as well, as I have a ton of transcription waiting for me, and have to deliver 2,000 words to another magazine today too. Best crack on then…

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