Sunday, 5 June 2011

The experiment. Kind of.

Well, as I mentioned before, I had intended to run a lot while I was away. In fact, from Tuesday 31st to Friday 10th, I managed to run 7 times, and while i'm delighted with the frequency, the distances were generally under 6 miles. Two were under 3 miles, but felt like 7 thanks to the heat and humidity.

It was good though. I love running in different countries or even just new places. While I was away, one of the seven books I read was by Dean Karnazes, the one about 50 marathons. Gave me a lot to think about, compounded some things I had been musing for a while, though some of that is for another post.

Next week, starting tomorrow, sees an experiment in diet and exercise to see how my body copes with it.

The plan is to get out and run my beloved 5.5 mile route in the morning, come back, change, eat a light brekkie, then take the dog out for a couple of hours.

Then do a bit of work (only a tiny bit though, taking it easy for a couple of days.), the either walk with the dog at lunch or maybe go for a swim. Or workout. Something, though. Then tomorrow night i'll go for whichever I didn't do in the day, a workout or swim - or maybe both. The next day, same again. I have a weight target I would like to hit by the end of the summer, so i'd best get my arse in gear.

Not to mention getting in shape for my huge, huge plans for next year... Huge plans!

So much to do. Got a novel to finish before the Autumn, taken on some new work, and want to spend quality time with my stunning wife. Oh, and get lots if sleep.

Did I mention that? Fuck me, this is rambling even for me. Early nights - they're the way to drink less. One of my triggers is staying up late, so that should sort that. I'll be in bed by 10 every night!

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