Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Totally without motivation. That's me. But it's not just in running, it's in everything right now. I don't know why… Well, I might know.

Since I got back from Macau 9 or 10 days ago, I've had no energy. And to exacerbate this, I've had shitloads of beer to drink. Well, maybe not shitloads, but I've frequently had alcohol. Every other day, pretty much.

I've not been running. It was a pure joy while I was away, it kept me together when I could hardly keep my eyes open. When I came back, exhaustion took over and I only now feel like my shit is coming back together. Frustratingly I know I'll feel better once I get out and run. I know I will. But getting out there… It's not so much that I can't be arsed, it's more that I want to sleep, instead.

Maybe, just maybe, I might go out for a short one tonight. I'm cooking bolognese, so I can do the sauce, leave it on a low heat and go for a 30-minute run. Come back, clean up, cook pasta, serve. Job done. And who knows? It might even happen.

Note to self: Be a runner, not a fucking drunk.


  1. sometimes a day off just makes the days you run feel better. but don't burn your house down tonight!

  2. Didn't happen quite that way... I did leave the sauce on, and it was fine on a low heat. Tasty, too. One day off is fine, I encourage it - but nearly two weeks is unforgivable!