Friday, 29 July 2011

Random Friday Facts

Never done one of these before, so here goes.

1: I don't consume any caffeine, not even in chocolate. It seems if I consume too much of anything, my body starts to reject it, which is kind of annoying.

2: I can't eat green leaves. At all. See above. It can actually make me shit my pants*

3: My wife can yawn and burp simultaneously. We now call this a byawn.

4: I may just quit drinking on Monday. Nice to do these things on a date you can remember, isn't it?

5: I got married in Vegas. Elvis attended.

6: I have been pitching book ideas left and right, and the one that's had interest is the one I haven't started yet. Next week...

7: I am supposed to be writing a report on Eastern European amusements and coin-op gaming right now. I am clearly not doing this.

8: I do not enjoy running in summer at all. Struggle, fail, struggle.

9: I am short, and I do not have a problem with this. Strange how other people think you have, though - like if you get angry, it's Napoleon Syndrome. No, it's not, I just think you're a cunt and want to stab you in the eye. The eye part is, of course, coincidence.

10: I swear. A lot.

11: My favourite movie is probably Amadeus, with honourable mentions to Starship Troopers, Heathers, Requiem For A Dream, The Man From Earth.

12: My favourite book is Born To Run. There are quite a few others though. But in the last few years, this is the only one I have read more than twice.

13: I read a lot.

14: I'm not a great swimmer, and tend to sink, but my credo helps me through: "when in doubt, apply brute force".

That'll do you, for now.

*If combined with a surprise sneeze

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