Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Woo hoo!

Today, dear people (person? Emptiness?) is my birthday so I started it with a really lovely, albeit short, run. A newish route, one I have walked with the dog many times, I'd not run it until today. The beauty of it is, it's a route I can easily extend, as well. It uses about 2 miles of my easy 3.5 (which actually has a few bastard hills in it) then goes off on a picturesque tangent, which I can go in several directions from.

Because I had to get back to walk the hound this morning and I hadn't gotten up particularly early, I took the short-but-incorporating-a-horrible-slow-hill route, which was nice and I actually finished quite fast.

I'm feeling strong, though disappointingly my PT1000s have finally bitten the dust, I think. Still, I have done a marathon and a half marathon in them and pretty much all my running since September, so I can't really complain. They have served me beautifully. Running in New Balance right now and enjoying them more each time, but I cannot wait to get another pair of PT1000s.

Which reminds me, the tone of this blog might change a little as I have a couple of running-related projects on the go... One is training three members of a local punk band for next year's London Marathon, which should be great fun. The other is organising a race to be held in the town here next summer, which is going to be a hell of a challenge. So expect to hear lots of gripes about those two things...

Enough of my burble. I had a lovely run today which was great because I've been struggling in the heat recently. It was nice to have a run which just felt… easy.

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