Monday, 29 August 2011

Back out there.

This morning, at stupid o'clock, I met Mark outside for a run. It was his first since going on holiday a couple of weeks ago - where they were in France it was too damn hot to run, which is fair enough.

I thought we'd see where he was at this morning, fitness-wise, and he doesn't seem to have lost anything. We actually upped it to run one minute, walk 30 seconds and he was completely fine with that. We'll start stitching it together more by the end of the week now, I think.

He also told me that Jon, another DNR band member doing the marathon, has quit smoking and started running already. I thought Jon might be one of the hardest to get out there, but he's already running too. I want to see him and Fred, just to tell them not to go out too much, or go too far, early doors. I suspect Jon knows this already, as he has said to Mark, "It's all about listening to your body". He's absolutely right, of course.

So, this morning, our four mile course was nice. Dark, but nice. 5:15 is a stupid time to run, though.

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