Thursday, 25 August 2011

From Out Of Nowhere

Ahhhh, that's one of my favourite Faith No More songs. Kicks off The Real Thing album, and while that's not my favourite of theirs, it's pretty fucking excellent.

But that's not what this post is about. Oh Lordy no. It's not even about TRIPLING the number of followers on this blog(still getting a kick out of that). It's about.. This morning's run.

I woke up at 5:45, perfectly naturally, and felt pretty good. So I did the usual. Stayed in bed, visualising where I was going to run that morning. And I couldn't do it. I knew I wanted to do my lovely 6.5-mile loop, but was thinking about adding a couple of miles on the back of it as I don't think I will be able to get a long run in this weekend as we're away.

So, I didn't visualise it. I went to the bathroom, flossed, brushed, shat, shat some more, then laced up, did some press-ups, went outside, did some lunges (16 on each leg - 8 full and 8 like they do them on Biggest Loser...) and rolled out.

I kind of struggled early on. My legs felt a little bit heavy, and I didn't exactly fly up the first hill as I did earlier in the week. But I kept at it, plodding away, occasionally flying but not very often. Then I took a left, over the roundabout on the bypass and up the hill, up the hill, and up the hill. Then a nice long downhill, a few more uphills, and a hard right on to Squirrel Lane. I'd been warned about a wasp's nest there, on one corner, apparently it had been opened up by a badger (quite how anyone knows this is beyond me) and the wasps were a bit cross. I couldn't hear them though, so they may have still been asleep - I set out at 6:45, so it was probably only 7:15 or so.

So anyway, I got off Squirrel Lane and headed down the Sheet - or up the Sheet. I'm not sure which. But back toward town. Off to the left then, down Foldgate Lane, out the other end, across Temeside, and up Weeping Cross Lane. Normally, finishing there would be 6.5 miles with some nice challenging hills. Well, challenging for me. But today, I thought 'Fuck it' and turned right, going up one of Ludlow's least pleasant hills, Sheet Road. At the top, I turned left and followed a route I often do in reverse. I mean, I followed it in reverse, not that I often do it in reverse. Not backwards though.

This was fascinating, seeing the profile backwards, it was a completely different run. And I really enjoyed it! Oh, anyway, from there I went right through town, light as a feather, down the side of the castle, across Linney, round the back of Corve Street, up Corve Street, down Old Street, Temeside and finished at the top of Weeping Cross Lane again.

All for a grand total of two hours, and 11 hilly miles. For a long run two weeks before a half marathon, I'm really, really fucking pleased with that.

I think it was in Marshall Ulrich's book, he mentions that he doesn't like to taper, and I have to say, I agree with him. I run better if I've been pushing myself a little bit, I get shite - then shite-er - if I have time off. So this half will be an experiment - I'm going to run as normal right up to the race and see how we go.

After the run I was completely blissed out, but running late, so ate a leftover baked potato from last night, filled a water bottle and took the dog for a two-hour walk. How rock and roll am I?

Then I got home and I have been eating ever since.

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