Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My running book.

Deadlines, deadlines. Fucking deadlines.

I'm currently punting out book ideas to agents and publishers, and the feedback is good but none has yet thrown cash in my mouth and told me to chew. I put out another idea recently to a publisher I had met, as I was interviewing one of her clients, and she suggested - for good reasons - trying the idea on a couple of other people. I knew one of them (kind of) and sent an email to him, he said the idea was excellent but that it would make a better feature than a book, and to pitch it at the Mail. I disagreed, and now have to come up with an opening sample chapter for him to read to persuade him otherwise, which he has agreed to.

So, this report on gaming that's proving to be such a fucking nightmare, that I haven't and can't seem to begin never mind finish… It's hard to motivate myself for it at the best of times, but even worse when I could be writing about running.

Also got another book's opening chapters with a fiction agent right now, so cross your fingers that at least one of them gets somewhere.

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