Friday, 5 August 2011

Random Friday Facts

Wow, this is getting habitual.

1: I doubled the number of followers on this blog last week. Thanks to you both. That made me laugh my arse off.

2: I have three 'Best Friend Mugs'. These are the only mugs I drink tea from. They're special. Hence the stupid name.

3: I've been hit by cars twice, and was unhurt both times. Lucky me.

4: The same week I was hit by the first car, I was also in a building that was the subject of an arson attack. And my favourite dog at the time was put to sleep. Shitty week, that was.

5: The day our cat Buffy died, she visited me in a dream, and she was with Shamrock, the Great Dane from 4. Shamrock sees me frequently in my dreams, and always enters them the same way. But Buffy visited with her before we had any idea Buffy had been killed. Spooky. We all still really, really miss her. She was one hell of an animal.

6: Buffy used to wake me up at 3am every morning by headbutting me in the face, then sitting next to my head while I stroked her. It made me feel very special indeed.

7: I was with Shamrock the first time I saw Requiem For A Dream. When I was bawling like a baby afterward, she walked over to me and licked from my chin to my forehead. Unfortunately, my mouth was open.

8: My wife is ridiculously gorgeous. I suspect that when people see us together, they think I am either rich or well hung. Truth is, I am neither.

9: I am told I can be a bit too honest when blogging. Certainly on my first ever blog. I tried holding stuff back but... It's just not me.

10: My favourite bands are Pearl Jam, Faith No More, Pixies.

11: My wife's 40th birthday gift was collecting her wedding ring. That was a pretty cool day.

12: The day we got married, we did a half marathon in the morning. It was fun, but I was mega slow because of injury. A big fat fucker - actually the size of an exceptionally large fridge - passed me towards the end.

13: I am completely addicted to Biggest Loser, but bizarrely, only to the US version of the show. I don't know what season they are on now, but we're on Season 8 in the UK. I want to cancel Sky (because I don't want to give money to that fuckbat Rupert Murdoch) but am torn simply because of that show.

14: And I don't even fucking like television.

15: I weigh about 98 kilos, around 200lbs, or 15 stone 2lbs. Depending on which country you're in.

16: I am an incurable optimist, but because I rarely smile, people assume otherwise. Numpties.

Enough of this now! I leave for a holiday tomorrow and I have not packed a thing! Therefore I must go and buy beer.


  1. If the Biggest Loser is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

    Great RFF!

  2. I hear you, Beth! I just watched the season 8 finale last night and cried my eyes out. How sad am I??