Friday, 26 August 2011

Random Friday Facts

Hmmm. I'm not a large barrel - so I may be scraping the bottom here.

1: I just ate a whole tube of Stackers, a no-budget supermarket own-brand version of Pringles.

2: I feel no guilt. Not about the stackers, but also about anything generally. We make our decisions based on the information we have at the time; I try to consider, and make the best decision I can. No point feeling guilt about that.

3: Right now, my favourite hotel in the whole wide world is the Mandarin Oriental, Macau. The perfect hotel.

4: I'm quite a slow runner.

5: Most of my underwear is grey. I don't know why, it's not a conscious thing. I usually buy it on my annual trip to Vegas. Perhaps it's a Fruit of the Loom thing.

6: I absolutely adore the TV show Friday Night Lights. I bought seasons 2, 3 and 4 while in Vegas last year. Somehow, we have only watched series 2 out of that; WonderWife says it's Winter viewing. And what she says goes.

7: My wife just spent the morning cleaning her daughter's bedroom. With my stepdaughter in another county. This may not go down brilliantly on stepdaughter's return, but it was a good thing to do overall.

8: Both my parents have circulation problems. I doubt I'll have any though. But who knows?

9: My resting heart rate - like, when I wake up - is about 42bpm.

10: Even when I was a heavy smoker, it was only about 50bpm. Maybe my heart's just lazy.

11: My waist is 38". It used to be 40". I'll get it down to 34" yet. Well, 36" maybe.

12: I can play the theme tune of top British TV soap Coronation Street with my nose.

13: I haven't put the Garmin on eBay yet.

14: We've been waiting three years to find out if we can rent the house over the road from our landlord. Much bigger house, massive garden, beautiful place. Now he's close to a decision, we can't afford it any more. Grrrr.

15: I have a bad feeling that one day I'll want to attempt Badwater.

16: I have no interest in ever visiting Australia. I don't know why though. There's just... ambivalence.

17: I once bumped into a friend on the London Underground. It's particularly strange because we had both taken diversions from our usual routes to work, and yet my train carriage pulled up right at the end of his nose.

18: I also once phoned a wrong number, which was answered by someone I know, who happened to be house-sitting for someone I didn't know. Weird.

19: I haven't had a beer since Sunday. That may change tonight.

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