Sunday, 14 August 2011

Random Sunday Facts

I'm late with this, because where I was in Anglesey had very poor phone reception.

1: When I'm watching Biggest Loser USA, I usually eat a lot. And drink beer. I watched the season 8 finale last night and ate a huge packet of crisps, and a packet of poppadums. And lager. Lots of lager. Oh, the irony.

2: My favourite contestants to date have been Daris, from Biggest Loser Couples, and Abby, the inspiration from season 8. Shay was cool too, and Danny, the eventual winner. Some contestants need a great big fucking slap from someone with the words "STOP EATING CAKES" written on their hand.

3: I love being a dad to my stepdaughter, but have absolutely no interest in having a child of my own.

4: I grew up in this town, and I love it, but I'm very much looking forward to leaving it.

5: This year will be, fingers crossed, the first time I've ever done more than one race in a year. I've done one marathon and one half, with another half on next month.

6: It's also the longest injury-free period I have ever had. Coincidence?

7: I used to be in a band. I 'sang'. We were funny.

8: I'm co-organising a race, a post-race event, and a comedy event, all on the same day, for next year. It's shaping up to be huge, and it's really exciting.

9: I'm short-sighted, and wear contact lenses to run.

10: I rarely wash my hair. It's usually short enough to get away with this. I did actually not wash it for almost eight years, once. And no, I did not smell like a sheep. Or goat.

11: I have been to many places around the world thanks to work. Most of Europe, including most of Eastern Europe; Russia five times in about 2.5 years. I go to Vegas every year for work, and Macau. I used to travel a lot, but now I'm away for a total of about one month every year. Before I got married, I was away at least once a month.

12: I'm not actually a huge fan of travel for travel's sake, though I do love running in strange places.

13: I think the strangest place I have been was Detroit. It was also my first visit to the US.

14: My brother lives in America. He seems to like it; he's in a nice place, in Charlotte, NC. Or is it Raleigh? One or the other.

15: I have no idea what my brother does for a living. I think it's something to do with packaging.

16: I hate celery. So much.

17: I have five nephews and a niece. The oldest is 24, I think, and the youngest is about 7. Ish.

18: I have stumpy legs, which actually makes a deep hamstring stretch really quite easy.


  1. I wash it much more often now I'm married... But still not a lot! But then it's usually short enough to be in the army, so I'm not too worried...