Friday, 5 August 2011

Second day out

Got a text from Mark last night. It said he'd been offered a bit of work today, so could we go out earlier?

Fuck, I thought. We were due to go out at 6:30am as it was. How early, I asked? Five, came the reply.

Sure, why not. See you outside.

So my alarm went off at 4:45, and at 5am I was outside doing dynamic stretches with Mark. 5:05, we were off. But as I'd forgotten my stopwatch, I made it all up. And to his credit, even though we were clearly going longer than 30 seconds each time, he didn't complain, didn't let up, just chatted and enjoyed a really lovely run.

"I might actually get a bit anal about all this, you know. I felt so good all day yesterday, if I get into it I'll probably become a real bore." I think he's already close to converted, but it's hard to picture this 40-something punk band singer being dull about anything.

"I even started in on Jon last night." Jon is one of the band's guitarists, and he's the main reason they're training for London - to raise funds for the hospice that made it possible for Jon's teenage son to die at home. "I told him, 'you've got to get started some time Jon, might as well be tomorrow!'" Like I said, I think Mark's a convert now.

Tomorrow we go out again, but we get a lie in and hit the road at 6:30 instead. This is fun, I love coaching people – hopefully next year I'll be able to afford to do a coaching course so I can do it properly! I'm not actually 'coaching' him - just making sure he doesn't do anything silly, like do too much in a week, avoids overuse injuries, stretches properly, cools down, that kind of thing.

Enough of my burble, more... Tomorrow, perhaps. I'm on holiday next week, but there's every chance I will be blogging from Anglesey.

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