Monday, 5 September 2011

Dead legs and training runs

The last few runs I've been on, I'd had a weird dead feeling in my lower left leg. No idea why, it just feels... Absent. It's disconcerting, and annoying. So this morning, on a run of unspecified length, I decided to focus on form and make sure I am moving the foot and ankle more, and it seemed to work. After perhaps four miles, my leg felt fine after an iffy start.

However, my right knee once again had a nagging pain across the front. That one does worry me a fair bit, not least because there's a half-marathon looming on Sunday; today's run came after three days of rest, so it's particularly annoying. Serves me right though, after I texted a friend and said 'My legs feel great, like they could do anything!'

Karma, thou art a great big bastardface.

In other news, myself and Mark the Neighbour went out and did three training runs last week, with three more planned for this week. Four-mile run/walks, gradually upping the time running and decreasing the rest periods. He's handling it fine, annoyingly well; Friday night I chatted to Jon and Fred, the other punk runners, and they were full of jokes and high jinks. Fred asked Mark how far the marathon was exactly, Mark told him 26.2 miles; "Fuck! I've been training for 26.4!"

Jon just says he's going there to win it.

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