Friday, 16 September 2011

Random Friday Facts

Whew, I'm not sure I'm interesting enough to keep this thing going.

1: I love broad beans. I can eat some green things with no problems, just not leaves.

2: Last night I made my first-ever lasagne, including a bechamel sauce from scratch made with rice milk. The pasta sheets included spinach pasta, which appears to be fine for me to consume.

3: I don't have much hair. I discovered this thanks to a photo taken after last week's half marathon. I was wearing a stupid expression, but I'm not sure that really comes across. I'd post the picture, but then I'd have to kill  find you and hurt you  admit to being short and fat   explain why my shirt says 'Bonty' on it.

4: I have greying hair, getting greyer by the day. This is the coolest thing that has happened to my hair for a long time, and I'm loving it!

5: I'm off to Vegas in a couple of weeks for work. Gah and double gah. Possibly my least favourite place to run in the world; I'm looking forward to learning to drive so I can hire a car while I'm there next, and drive to the mountains to run there instead.

6: I accidentally caused a woman to fall right over yesterday. I threw a stick for SuperDog and her dog, on the lead after a long injury layoff, went for the stick too. She went down like a sack of spuds and ribbed me about it this morning, saying she could hardly move.

7: My lovely, talented wife has a job. I'll show you a picture of her, because she is simply gorgeous. She's here:

8: She also designs and makes one-off handbags and shoulder bags, as well as desiging and making wedding dresses and outfits. She's right clever, she is.

9: She also does all the DIY in the house. I am a DIY-retard.

10: At my heaviest, I weighed over 240lbs. It's probably the only time I have looked my weight.

11: Oh, go on then.
I'm currently around 210lbs.

12: I had terrible wind this morning.

13: I like Marmite on toast, but for some reason always like it more when someone else makes it.

14: My favourite superhero is Batman. That dude rocks.

15: I thought Frasier was going to be dreadful. How wrong was I?

16: I occasionally drop 'fisting' into polite conversation simply because it makes me laugh.

17: Not a fan of war.

18: Though I do like Bruce Springsteen.

19: I'm not very good at RFFs. But I will persist.

20: Before I got married, I had never lived with a girlfriend/wife. I'd never been with anyone I got on well enough with to want to spend that kind of time and space with them.

21: I really really like being married. Never thought I would write that sentence, though of course marriage is tough and has its ups and downs.

22: That bleedin' agent still hasn't read my book. Financial independence (after selling the movie rights) must wait.

23: I amazed my event co-organiser yesterday with the story about going to a tiny party in Detroit and seeing Eminem perform, and meeting Proof and Mekhi Phifer. I used it as an example of the kind of ridiculously cool things journalists get to do instead of having a real life. Now that I have experienced both sides of the coin, real life wins every time.

Enough of my burble. I think I'm supposed to be on deadline.

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