Friday, 23 September 2011

Random Friday Facts

Here we are again! Woo hoo!

1: I just - really, just - finished all my work for the day. I have three pages outstanding, but the content won't be with me until Sunday, so fuck that.

2: I'm off to Vegas for six days from a week tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, but I do not know why.

3: I recently started taking Glucosamine, alongside the other crap I take. Multivitamin, iron + vit C, Zinc and peppermint oil.

4: My wife has cured herself! That woman is an absolute fucking LEGEND. SHE IS NO LONGER ILL. Wow. Life just changed hugely for us, in 24 hours, and all thanks to a self-diagnosis and a purchase of sea kelp and selenium.

5: I think I'm going to have a beer or two tonight. But not enough to stop number 6.

6: I'm going running in the morning, first for a week. But my ankle feels good, so I'm absolutely burning to get out there.

7: All the guys I am coaching to the London Marathon next year are faster than me. Older, smoked for longer, and every one is much quicker! For now, I shall cling on to the fact I can go a lot further than them. That won't last long though.

8: My facts never feel very random.

9: One of the things I miss about living in East Anglia is that I could always fins cheese Snaps there. You only get spicy tomato flavour this side of the country.

10: This morning, I met a couple from Lowestoft, in East Anglia. They were very nice and amazed that I knew their area; I've lived near-ish to there three times.

11: I used to move house on average once a year. It never stressed me out, though apparently it's a stressfult hing to do. But then, until I got married, I lived very light.

12: I didn't own a major appliance until I got together with my lovely wife. We went halves on a washing machine.

13: There is a bowl on my desk with yoghurt caked around it. I had Greek yoghurt with peach slices in for dessert today, after lunch, which was tomato soup.

14: My stepdaughter has tonsilitis. Today's the first day she's had any energy this week, and you know what that means… Housework! Just kidding.

15: When I'm working, I most like to listen to Flesh For Lulu, or Bach's cello concertos. Weird, but there you go. It works for me.

16: I don't know anyone else that likes Flesh For Lulu, but I think it's just because they haven't heard them.

17: Except Beccy, my bezzie mate from school. She loves a couple of their songs, but I think it's because they remind her of me.

18: I had a baby-filled day yesterday, all the more remarkable because I find them as interesting as cucumbers. I met my great niece, and my friend Jules also came round with her offspring.

19: I'm going downstairs any minute. Then I might go and buy beer; Aldi has a really good deal on Estrella.

20: I love Mexican and Spanish beers. They do it for me.

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  1. i took glucosamine for awhile a year or so ago. it was while i was having some pretty serious knee pain. i would say that it helped...although i also changed shoes, started stretching more, did yoga twice a day and iced it every night. so, maybe it was a combination. i stopped taking it after 6 months or so...i'm still doing ok. hope it helps you!