Friday, 30 September 2011

Random Friday Facts

Whew. That time already? It only feels like last week I was doing this.

1: Today, I leave for Gatwick airport, and tomorrow, I fly to Vegas. Actually, if you read the post I just made, you'd know this. Sorry about that.

2: The day I got married, nearly four years ago, me and my wife-to-be did the Vegas half marathon. It was pretty bad; I had huge blisters on my insteps by eight miles, I still have no idea why. I ended up hurting my knee because the blisters made me run funny.

3: Elvis is in nearly all of our wedding photos.

4: In one, I'm looking down at my 10-year-old stepdaughter; now the roles are reversed, as she's 15 and 5' 10".

5: I always take my own toilet paper when travelling. You just never know. I learned this after several trips to eastern Europe.

6: I love Kiev. One of my favourite cities in Europe. If only it were not full of sex tourists, it would be even better.

7: Kiev has my favourite statue, excepting the war memorial we have here in Ludlow, which is a stunner. Kiev's is a bit bigger though - check it out here. It's worth a look, I promise!

8: It's really sunny outside. We're having a bit of a heatwave - temperatures of 24 C in late September is unheard of in the UK.

9: My dog is completely lovely, and I miss walking her terribly when I'm away.

10: I don;t yet have any US currency to take with me. Must sort that out.

11: Bugger, I still have shopping to do, too.

12: And work to finish. And yet here I am.

13: My favourite blonde joke: Blonde lady walks into a library, and says: "Excuse me, do you sell shoes?" Librarian replies: "This is a library..." Blonde whispers: "Sorry. Do you sell shoes?"

14: I have six books to take with me for the trip to Vegas, plus the latest Runner's World. And one more book to buy while in transit, the new Lee Child book which came out yesterday. I don;t even like those books, but they are perfect for reading while away.

15: One of the books is The Secret History, which I have been meaning to read for years, and has so far been to four countries with me, while still not being read.

16: Last night's dinner was pasta with a sauce made from tomatoes from mum's garden, bacone and onions.It was utterly fucking delicious.

17: I'm aiming to add at least 7,000 words to my novel while away. Discipline, dammit!

18: Every time I am in Vegas, I wish I could drive for a couple of hours to the mountains and go running there, instead. Maybe next year I'll have my licence and it will be possible.

19: I'm pretty sure I am not interesting enough to maintain RFFs. Still, it keeps me off the streets.

20: I didn't own a bicycle until I was 20.

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