Friday, 16 September 2011

Unhappy Feet

I'm injured. Not in a big way - and the deadness in my leg has gone, thankfully - but the day after my half marathon my right foot started aching, down one side. It's hurt all week, and only after a bunch of anti-inflammatories last night has it becalmed.

My left foot has been aching too, in the big toe. Too much mileage (did 30 miles last week for the first time in six months) too quickly.

So, no running for me this week. Though I must say, if it improves again tomorrow, I shall test it out in the morning with a fruity little run, maybe a 5.5-miler. I've missed it. I've been pissed-up-drunk and had loads of late nights this week, which is bad bad bad. And actually, it's not that enjoyable. I've missed running, and it's missed me. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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