Sunday, 30 October 2011

Further, erm, revelations

Well, isn't life funny? Here I am, musing on alcohol and all it brings with it, and I discover something really, really simple. I've been drinking alone, at home. Back in the day, I never, ever drank at home. This was when I lived alone. Didn't do it. If I stayed in, I was sober. Not so much these days - in fact the opposite is probably true. And drinking brings with it late nights, though not always. This week I had an evening where I went for a beer with my lovely wife in a country pub, then came home, had a stubby, and crashed into bed by about 9:30.

Anyway, I guess what I wanted to say is, drinking is, for me, a work in progress. I doubt I'll quit, I think I just need to change how, and when, I do it. Make it a social thing again. Take my gorgeous wife out for a cheeky now and again. That kind of thing. Not something I do alone while watching trashy TV (Biggest Loser and Walking Dead, both recorded, and as no-one else in the house watches them, I watched them late last night avec beer. Gah).

I really wanted to run two consecutive days this weekend, as the clock changed and it's actually a real pleasure to see that immediate shift, first thing in the morning. A run that would have been in the dark is now during sunrise, for example. I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow, now. Another day, wasted. Oh, and I'm working all weekend. Double - nay, triple - gah.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Random Friday Facts

It feels like it's been a while. So here goes.

1: Apparently, the name Wendy was not invented for the book Peter Pan. Who knew?

2: You know the woman holding the thingy up in the Columbia Pictures ident thing? She was the voice of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. True story.

3: As a journalist, you tend to find out lots of things you can never, ever print. I wish I could - only for the simple reason that there is no justification for a studio hiding an actor's sexuality in the 21st century. We go and see films because they are good or bad, not because the actor is straight or gay.

4: Troll Hunter comes out on DVD in the UK in January. Seriously excited about seeing that. Have you seen the trailer? Be sure to watch it to the end. Spectacular.

5: I've only run twice this week. Two four-milers. I don't know what's wrong with me. Lacking energy, motivation, and I feel very blue. But when I'm out and running... Well, the first run was sublime, the second awful.

6: I need a shave. Badly.

7: This week I read Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys. I'm pretty damn impressed, he's an excellent writer.

8: When I've written this, I'm going to go and give my dog lots of fuss. This is my dog, Millie. She's seven, a rescue dog, and completely awesome. The only really naughty thing she does - that she's done more than once, I mean - is that she can't help herself if there is liquorice out. She demolishes it.

9: I absolutely, completely adore my dog. She is wonderful. Not just me, either. Everyone that meets her, pretty much.

10: I want to be an ultramarathon runner. That's the plan. I don't care for speedwork - though I am going to do some this marathon training cycle - and I love hills. I can go for hours at a 10-minute-mile pace. Sounds like an ultra runner to me. Your thoughts?

11: I get lots of emails. When I go away and come back, it takes a good week to get through them all. That's what I have been doing this week. I should have done it last week...

12: My birthday is the 12th.

13: Harrison Ford's is the 13th.

14: And my brother's? The 14th.

15: I got a guided tour of my brother's house this week, via his iPad. he lives in a really lovely house in North Carolina. If we get some cash together in the next 12 months, we might get to go and visit next year.

16: I have really awful wind today. Ha!

17: I had no beer yesterday, and ran this morning. Coincidence? I think not!

18: My life used to be quite rock and roll, but not so much these days. I'm not sure which I prefer, but I accept that it's an evolution, an ongoing process. Or do I? Maybe that's why I struggle with not drinking - that would be a real refutation of the past, and a step into the unknown. Maybe I'm just afraid of being really dull (not that non-drinkers are really dull, but I suspect I would be).

19: I got my inbox down to zero this afternoon. Happy days.

20: I am now going for a shower. I am looking forward to this very, very much.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Game changers

Well, I've had more than a couple of them in the last few days. The first, and best, in my opinion, is that we now have a shower. Four years since we moved in here, give or take two months, and WonderWife has had enough, and took it upon herself to put the shower in. It was teamwork but honestly, she did most of the work. I was available for elements that require brute force, she did the rest.

It sounds like kind of a small thing, but this morning for the first time in four years at home, I went for a run before sunrise, returned before sunrise, and had a fantastic hot shower. I was clean and dressed in time to wake everyone up, sort out breakfast and was clean and well when I walked the dog afterward too. Win win win win win!

The other news is I've been asked to put something together that is running related for next year, and I'm really rather excited about it. I've been contributing interviews and features to a consumer title in the UK, but this is for the US, UK, Australia, NZ and probably Germany. It's huge, and it's all me me me. Well, me and whatever contributors I get together for it. Exciting times!

Predictably, my running has gone all to shit in the time this has all happened. But Sunday, I signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon next May. It comes five weeks after London, which we didn't get in to, but we are on a standby list for. So it might come to it that I get to do both, which would be pretty awesome. I'm sure seasoned (read: fast) runners read a sentence like that and think I might be a mental, but I just plod along, and with that kind of pace - like, 10 minute miles on a good day - I think two marathons in five weeks is not just do-able, I think it's begging to be done!

Anyway, I got out this morning for a really lovely run. Nice to be back in the saddle, so to speak. And living relatively cleanly.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A quicky

Just a quick note to say I got to Vegas on Saturday afternoon, and managed to run both days I've been here so far. I always struggle to run here - a combination of shitty concrete pavements, short-ish blocks (so lots of intersections, when you include hotel entrances on the Strip) and piss-poor air quality. Well, it seems poor to me - it's probably just the effect of being in the desert, and also a much higher elevation that I live at back in the UK.

The food here is so bad it's indescribable, on the whole. Massive portions, to absolute excess, eaten by people who need to buy wider mirrors. Yes, I know, I'm not slim, but we're talking about people who are quite literally killing themselves.

Anyway, work begins in earnest tomorrow. I fully intend to have a run before it all kicks off, too. Quiet night in tonight though, will probably watch a movie in my room and get an early night. After all, I have the pleasure of waking up around 3:30am to come - again!

Ho Hum. I'll adjust to the time difference just in time to fly home. Oh well. Could be worse - I could have to work for a living.