Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Game changers

Well, I've had more than a couple of them in the last few days. The first, and best, in my opinion, is that we now have a shower. Four years since we moved in here, give or take two months, and WonderWife has had enough, and took it upon herself to put the shower in. It was teamwork but honestly, she did most of the work. I was available for elements that require brute force, she did the rest.

It sounds like kind of a small thing, but this morning for the first time in four years at home, I went for a run before sunrise, returned before sunrise, and had a fantastic hot shower. I was clean and dressed in time to wake everyone up, sort out breakfast and was clean and well when I walked the dog afterward too. Win win win win win!

The other news is I've been asked to put something together that is running related for next year, and I'm really rather excited about it. I've been contributing interviews and features to a consumer title in the UK, but this is for the US, UK, Australia, NZ and probably Germany. It's huge, and it's all me me me. Well, me and whatever contributors I get together for it. Exciting times!

Predictably, my running has gone all to shit in the time this has all happened. But Sunday, I signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon next May. It comes five weeks after London, which we didn't get in to, but we are on a standby list for. So it might come to it that I get to do both, which would be pretty awesome. I'm sure seasoned (read: fast) runners read a sentence like that and think I might be a mental, but I just plod along, and with that kind of pace - like, 10 minute miles on a good day - I think two marathons in five weeks is not just do-able, I think it's begging to be done!

Anyway, I got out this morning for a really lovely run. Nice to be back in the saddle, so to speak. And living relatively cleanly.

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