Monday, 3 October 2011

A quicky

Just a quick note to say I got to Vegas on Saturday afternoon, and managed to run both days I've been here so far. I always struggle to run here - a combination of shitty concrete pavements, short-ish blocks (so lots of intersections, when you include hotel entrances on the Strip) and piss-poor air quality. Well, it seems poor to me - it's probably just the effect of being in the desert, and also a much higher elevation that I live at back in the UK.

The food here is so bad it's indescribable, on the whole. Massive portions, to absolute excess, eaten by people who need to buy wider mirrors. Yes, I know, I'm not slim, but we're talking about people who are quite literally killing themselves.

Anyway, work begins in earnest tomorrow. I fully intend to have a run before it all kicks off, too. Quiet night in tonight though, will probably watch a movie in my room and get an early night. After all, I have the pleasure of waking up around 3:30am to come - again!

Ho Hum. I'll adjust to the time difference just in time to fly home. Oh well. Could be worse - I could have to work for a living.

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