Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Project: Run Faster

I have no idea why, but this week, instead of running on Sunday, I decided to rest and go out Monday, and run shorter. While I was out, I also decided to run faster. And even shorter. In the end I did a two-mile run, while being out of breath for most of the route. New experience for me, being out of breath after a mile. And I have to say, it was kind of empowering, in a weird way. Knowing this can still be really, really difficult by just changing things a little bit.

So the next day, I did three miles faster than usual. I'm not sure of times, as my neighbour has my stopwatch, so I'm going purely on effort. It was easier, because after Monday my glutes and hamstrings were firing perfectly and I felt stronger. Today, I still feel good, but was amazed that while walking the dogs last night my legs felt really, really tired!

So tomorrow, I'm aiming to do four miles easy. I'm still keeping the mileage down, I might do 15-18 miles this week total. But it's different, it's good quality, and I feel really rather good about the change! I'll be keeping a couple of shorter, faster runs in my routing going forward because the immediate change I feel in my muscles is most excellent. Bear in mind my legs are pretty huge, very muscular and built for endurance, the idea that I might get speed in them is an intriguing one.


  1. glutes and hamstrings firing perfectly! jealous.

  2. I'm stuck on the fucking elliptical like a deranged hamster until my sciatica clears up. Dagger.

    (ps - word verification was worible which it is isn't it)