Friday, 25 November 2011

Random Friday Facts

Here we are. Seems like it's been a while though. Not much going on here...

1: My legs are the same length. Short.

2: I first met my wife when I was 15, and she was 22. I tell friends she was grooming me, the pervert.

3: I just had my hair cut. Grade 2 all over. Classy.

4: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

5: There are plants which have no chorophyll in them. Amazing. Some of them still have leaves, which is just showing off.

6: I'm still abuzz from Wednesday's run.

7: I feel great. This no drinking thing is actually working for me. Who knew??

8: I have to leave shortly. There's a Mediveal Fayre held in the castle here every year, and we're selling my wife's gorgeous handbags and shoulder bags there. We're setting up today.

9: Tomorrow, at said Fayre, I will be wearing the knight-like outfit my lovely wife made for me. It's the kind of thing they'd wear under their armour. It has a cool fabric picture of our dog Millie on the back instead of a coat of arms.

10: I use Wikipedia a lot. More than a journalist should.

11: I'm delighted David Beckham and LA Galaxy won their Big Cup Final the other night. There is not a more honest, hard-working athlete out there.

12: He's still a knob for getting sent off in the 98 World Cup though.

13: We're planning meals for the weekend. Sunday night: takeaway. Saturday night: possibly also takeaway. This thing is exhausting, and energy will be hard to come by.

14: There is a very, very good chance I will be running two marathons in five weeks next spring. Bring it on.

I'd better go. Tons to do. More Fun Facts next week, and I promise I will make some of them interesting next time.

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