Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting creative. Occasionally.

So, I went away for an overnight, as I had to attend a meeting in the south west of the country. I took my running stuff because I had a good week of it last week, and wanted to continue that. It was dark when I arrived so I couldn't really have a look around for a running route, park or whatever, but one of the guys I was due to meet with said there was a large park right by the hotel, so I figured I was probably sorted.

Monday morning, I get out there and have a look at the park. I walk one end to the other to gauge its size… And I'm thinking, I might as well run around a fucking postage stamp. So I got creative, see. I ran around the outside of the park five times to warm up (each time around was about 1/3 of a mile - I know this because I sweat like a crazy almost exactly on a mile every time I run, regardless of the weather, and I started sweating right before I finished the third lap. Science.) then found the path least used, right in the middle of the park, which ended on an incline, and I sprinted it. Walked back, did it again. By the tenth sprint, I thought my legs might give out, so I cut it short, and ran a couple more times around to cool down.

It was actually a lovely workout; I'm not sure I would call it a speed session, as I will never be quick; maybe a not-slow session.

I started to feel a bit of grief in my knee toward the end of it but forgot all about it. Then on today's run, the same grief, and I think it's the New Balance shoes. I think they're about to be retired.

Right, enough burble. Work!

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