Friday, 16 December 2011

Give my creation... life!!!

This week, I have been experimenting on myself. Shampoo in the eyes, smoking cigarettes, trying out new pharmaceuticals in the style of all great lab rats, bunnies and guinea pigs over the decades. And monkeys.

Not really. I have been experimenting with running, as it happens. This week, I have run every day since Sunday, so including today, that's six days. I have to say, I feel pretty fucking good considering. I haven't done a lot of miles by any stretch - 17 so far, with a six-or-seven-miler planned for tomorrow, for a total of 22 or 23 for the week - but it's a solid building block and the very beginning of Spring marathon training.

Sunday I did five miles (but that counts in last week's mileage), Monday I did some speed bits and bobs while away with sensible warming up and cooling down as well (all guesswork, I estimated 2.5 miles for this), Tuesday a loosener of 3 miles, Wednesday an easy 3, Thursday a hilly 5.5, and today a fast 3, for 17 so far. It's been good, but looking back I would change Tuesday's 3 for a hilly five or six. Maybe next week.

My legs feel great, my calves are actually changing into two very distinct muscles, it's all good. I even look pretty good. Kind of. It's all relative though!

Oh, and my resting heart rate is an outrageous 42bpm. I think this just means I am excellent at lying down, though.

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