Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well, I might as well make some. This might be interesting too, as I have had several - NINE - days out from running thanks to a really fucking shitty cold. Well, it'll be nine tomorrow. Who knows if I'll get out then? I'd like to...

So, the resolutions:

1: Get CRB checked. This is so I an do...

2: a Leadership in Running Fitness course. There's one in February, I'll book it on pay-day in January. Just emailed someone to find out the CRB check process, so fingers crossed it can be done in time so I can do the course I want in Feb.

3: Get my running magazine launched. 50,000 copies first issue, goes out worldwide, and it's very exciting indeed. Launch date - on sale - is late March. Looking at the calendar, I think sleep may have to go on hold until June, as I also have...

4: Two marathons to run. London isn't nailed in yet, but Edinburgh is. Hopefully I'll have one in April and one in May, and I suspect that if they go well they may be my last road races. Last on-road marathons, certainly.

5: Lose two more stones in weight. This year I have lost over 28lbs with very little effort, and I have enjoyed it. I like how I look now, I have better musculature, I feel stronger, I move differently; the weight loss was a lovely by-product on the whole, but one I aim to encourage in the new year.

6: Hopefully start a Coach in Running Fitness course. If we're still living in this town, I may even speak to my local school to see if there's any way I can be of use to them.

7: Put on a completely kick-ass event in September which raises a ton of cash for our local hospice, and reinvents running events. This has such huge potential, there is nothing else out there like it...

I'm excited. But all of the above plus my regular work? Well, we'll have to see. I'll give it a go though.

I can't think of any others, but seven is a lot. Seven more than usual.

Everyone, have a lovely new year's eve - and let's all kick arse next year. Big love to everyone out there, and to use a cliché, keep on runnin'.

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