Friday, 9 December 2011

Random Friday Facts

Here's some more. Maybe they'll be more random this time. Maybe not.

1: I just bought some running-related stuff on Amazon. Pam Reed's autobiography, which had mixed reviews, but she's a Badwater winner, so I'm figuring she'll have something to say. Once A Runner, which I'm told is fabulous. And Relentless Forward Progress, which is a guide to ultra-running. Oh, and another book for my wife for Christmas, and a DVD of a documentary called 'Running the Sahara'. In the absence of Running on the Sun, which I can't find for less than £40 it seems, this £3 bargain from the web will have to do.

2: I bought lots of batteries yesterday, with winter running in mind - they're for my headtorch, the brilliant Silva Trailrunner. Oh, except the AAAs, they're for my dictaphone.

3: I have a new wallet. I bought it for my dad four years ago, and he told me he doesn't use them and gave it back to me. I like it, but I haven't killed my old one yet. Not quite.

4: Whenever I read Matt Damon's name, the voice in my head does it Team America style. I love that film.

5: The family - ie Wifelet, me and Stepdaughter - had a conversation about a movie we saw weeks ago at the dinner table last night. How odd that it came up, had us all laughing again, and deciding we must buy it. The film? The brilliant Four Lions, a controversial black comedy about suicide bombers. It really is excellent. Tough subject to make a film about, never mind a comedy, but it works on every level. Basically it is a comment on the nature of fundamentalism and fanaticism, and it makes every point really beautifully.

6: I broke the shower, for the second time. First time, I fell over and mangled the shower rail. That's fixed now. This time, I broke the ball joint in the bracket holding the shower head up. For fuck's sake.

7: The shower-company-selling-stuff-to-me people made me take a photograph of the shower unit in as they didn't stock it any more. It was odd. Everything seemed far harder than it needed to be.

8: The dog we have been dog-sitting is with his owner this week; she's back for five days. It was pretty cool going for a walk with them, as she's very impressed with all the weight he's lost. He's got more energy, he's faster, and he looks amazing. And all because he walks the same amount as Millie now - between two and three hours a day, occasionally a bit more.

9: I need a shower. I know, I have written that one before. But it's true again, today.

10: I just finished reading Justin Cronin's The Passage. Top fun, really enjoyed it.

11: I have to do a small amount of work today. Not a lot, just a few phone calls really, but important ones.

12: Why didn't they, when the calendar changed to Gregorian, change the month names so they made sense too? October should be the 8th month, December the 10th et cetera. More to the point, why the hell does this bother me?

13: Vin Diesel is seriously, major league not photogenic.

14: I'm going to Devon on Sunday. I should have gone yesterday, but had to reschedule as WonderWife was ill.

15: I love running.

16: And cake.

17: I ran a fraction over five miles this morning. It was lovely - dark when I left, with a low, buttery moon hanging over the dark countryside. I could almost have run without the headtorch, it was so full. And on the other side of me, dawn was coming. Slowly, but it was coming. Great run.

That is all for this week.


  1. for fuck's sake is one of my favorite exclamations, thank you for using it in a post :)

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