Friday, 27 January 2012

All figured out.

Okay, so life is crazy right now. Mostly in a good way. Lots of work stuff happening, some fun stuff, and some that's just, well, stuff.
I was away in London this week and didn't get a single run in. Why? Because I ended up with a fucking cold, that's why. Flash back three years and I had a cold every month right after deadline. I think I might know why, or at least part of it, now though. I think the key, or the foundation if you like, to good health is sleep. Plenty of it. That's what I lacked this week (i don't sleep well when away from WonderWife) and I ended up feeling dreadful.
Not a single run. Marathon is just three months away. Fuck.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Work and running

Combining the two is a pain in the arse.

And then you add life into the mix, and it gets even harder.

The weekend worked well. Long run Saturday (only 8.25 miles, but I'm happy with that), took the dogs for a long walk (can I add this to my mileage? It would skyrocket•), then worked all afternoon and got tons done. Sunday, with a mild, mild hangover, I walked the hounds then worked. Got everything done, pretty much. I also had a couple of shandies Sunday night, out of pure laziness. I knew, you see, that Monday would see no running, because I still had some pages to sort out and send off for print, so had to make sure they got done asap. That meant getting the dogs out bright and early, and back home at my desk for about 9:30.

I always try and walk them for about 2 hours in the morning, I think it sets the dogs up nicely for the day. Of course, after a six-mile run, that means I spend the rst of the day either eating or thinking about food.

Aaaaanyway, Monday I did all that, got the work done etc, then found out an old schoolfriend had died at the ever-so-young age of 38. She was a real sweetheart, someone I really liked and have done since we used to walk home from school together (well, she was walking to the bus stop) 25 years ago. I used to see her in the street in town and next thing you know, 20 minutes have passed and you're still gassing. She was great, and I will miss her.

Anyway, that fucked Tuesday's running because I got shitfaced on Monday night. Wednesday, I had to go to London to see Brooks' new lines of apparel and tweaks etc to shoes, which was interesting. A couple of things I really loved, too. But I didn't love getting the 7:46 train, then the 2:45 train home for a combined total of seven hours on trains not including the London Underground, which would make it a total of about 7:50.

No running that day either. I tried so hard to get up at 5 but after three nights of beer, my body told me to go and fuck myself.

Today, though, I started the day with a nice 4.5-mile jaunt. And now I'm at my desk, not working, with a phone interview about I know not what to do later, and a ton of stuff to do before it.

I don't know where I am going with this... The other thing I've been doing is sorting out models for our magazine shoots for the new running title. I'm determined to use real runners, not models because using models is absolutely infuriating to me. I want to see muscles in their legs, I want to see muddy running shoes and sweat. The last two covers of Runner's World UK have been fucking dreadful in that respect, and I do not want to go down that route; this means we have to be incredibly careful in how we coach them at the shoot, not to mention lighting and possibly a tiny amount of make-up. Models, after all, know how to model. Runners know how to run. I have to find the balance between the two.

Enough of my burble. Time to phone Nike.

• Are there other kinds??

Friday, 13 January 2012

Random Friday Facts

Here we are again. Though I'm not exactly regular with this, am I?

1: Vanity really bothers me. People who can't stop looking at themselves in mirrors drive me fucking insane. Which is bad, because I have a 15-y-o stepdaughter. And she's at the age where she can't leave the house without make-up, despite having wonderful skin and looking fantastic without any at all. Kids, eh? T'choh.

2: Little known fact, but true story: men do prefer women without make-up on. I don't like kissing a woman and coming away with enough powder, foundation and lipstick on my face to double as Coco the Clown. I want to know what you look like; back when I used to be in the market, I thought there were few things more annoying than going to bed with someone who looks one way and wakes up looking really quite different. It's up there with the Wonderbra in terms of woman-to-man fraud. Chicks, eh? T'choh.

3: I am doing this instead of working. Tee hee!

4: My running bookazine launches end of March and will be available in 34 countries, I'm told. It's called Just Run. Exciting!

5: We saw my dog's nemesis this morning; an evil tyrant dog called Kiwi. Kiwi has gone for Millie three times, drawing blood once. Millie is terrified of Kiwi. I suggested strongly that third time (THREE FUCKING TIMES - WHY IS THE FUCKING THING NOT ON A FUCKING LEAD???) that they might consider putting the fuckshit on a lead in future. As a result of Kiwi's actions, I now have a zero tolerance policy on any dog seriously attacking Millie.

6: I'm cold. My feet are fucking freezing.

7: I signed up to Twitter recently. Far more fun that Fartbook.

8: To my eternal shame, I am following at least three former Biggest Loser USA contestants.

9: I'm not sure my sense of humour will carry well on Twitter, so I aim to refrain from posting anything about the Baby Jesus and how he's in my top-five babies of all time, or anything even vaguely controversial. Just in case. I'll wait a couple of weeks.

10: Apparently, there is a fish which mimics the mimic octopus. How cool is that?? I can't find the link to the newer story, so you'll have to make do with looking in wonderment at the MO. It ROCKS.

11: Too busy. Just too fucking damn bastarding busy.

12: Eye test today. Will also look at some new glasses.

13: My wife had her hair cut yesterday, and it is based a little on the leading lady in the movie Monsters. The haircut on my lovely wife looks absolutely bloody gorgeous. Monsters is a fab film, btw.

14: With a good haircut in it. I think she may have copied that off my wife...

15: I thought I might have beer tonight, but I am holding off until tomorrow night to have a shandy with my wife. That means long run tomorrow instead of Sunday, but it also means lie-in on Sunday! I may stay in bed until 8am!!

16: I also have to work all weekend. This is not ideal, but deadlines insist.

17: I have to spend the bext part of a week in London in 9 days. I am not a fan of London.

18: I don't think it likes me much, either.

19: Fondest London memory: a friend spending a happy 20 minutes underneath Big Ben asking people if they had the time.

Monday, 9 January 2012

A tiring weekend.

It was. I never lie, me.

Saturday I walked the hounds, (actually, hound because Darcy was enjoying a sleepover weekend with a friend of his owner's) then, y'know, did lots of other stuff. I ended up in the gym for 90 minutes or so (for an extortionate - in my eyes - cost of £5.40 or similar); in there I did a few 1km 'sprints' on the treadmill (my grand idea of seeing how fast I can do a 10k in 1km chunks did not account for the sheer boredom of treadmill running), some core work (lots of press ups, plank, etc) and a few upper body weights (well, I did a few curls and that was it, and not even with anything heavy - one set with 12kg, one with 10kg).

Sunday, I got up as early as I could manage and went for a seven-mile run. Well, I thought it would be 5.5, but me and Neighbour felt okay, so we added a bit on the end. Turned out we did a fraction less than 7, but it was hard work and it felt like we're back on track. he had a hurty back for the last couple of weeks, and I lost momentum thanks to that fucking cold I had between Christmas and New Year.

Last night I got rather drunk, knowing I would not be doing it again until these marathons are over. Too much to do, not enough hours in the day; a magazine to launch, the magazine I currently edit to maintain, two marathons to train for - not to mention relationships to nourish and a life to live! I'm also learning to drive. It's a lot to do.

With that in mind, the first step to becoming an endurance running coach is being put on hold, because my life is just too fucking full. Too busy right now, it's going to have to hang on until the summer when I can give it the attention it deserves. I'm not doing it half-arsed, dagnabbit.

Enough of my rambling. How are you?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Well, I didn't plan any of that very well...

So, events have conspired to get me a place in the 2012 London Marathon. I'm very happy about this, not least because last year's event was so completely and utterly shit for me. Unfinished business and all that.

Sadly, the place has come because John, one of our Punks on the Run, has had to pull out after snapping a tendon in his foot. And then there were three. And of course, I was supposed to be doing Edinburgh with John too, so that's just me now.

Oh well.

The shit planning part of it is that Edinburgh is just a few days after I get back from Macau, which is quite a gruelling journey for me usually. It's a 12-hour flight from Hong Kong to Heathrow, then a long journey home from there. But this might even work better for me than usual, because I'll get in to London from Heathrow - to Paddington, to be precise - then get across on the Hammersmith and City Line to Euston, walk to Euston Square, then get a direct InterCity train to Edinburgh - which will, bizarrely, be faster than getting from London to Ludlow. Then I spend Friday and Saturday in Edinburgh doing absolutely fuck-all other than putting my feet up, watching my swollen ankles go down, then running a marathon.

As my stepdaughter neatly summarised: I'll just go for a good time in London, and just get round Edinburgh. Job done. Then no more races in 2012, apart from the one I am organising.

Speaking of which, I walked the course yesterday, and I have to say, I'm bloody glad I'm not running it. It's fantastic, beautiful, different surfaces, absolutely amazing views, but it's also got at least three men-from-the-boys hills in it. At least three.

Still, nothing worth having comes without some pain. Except, in most cases, orgasms.