Friday, 24 February 2012

Random Friday Facts

This is the My God I Am So So Tired Edition.

1: According to something I just read on Twitter, apparently if you slowly raise your legs and lie on your back, you can't sink in quicksand.

2: I am so tired.

3: All I want is a cold beer and some unhealthy food. But tomorrow will be just as demanding as today (but without the 5.5 mile run to start the day), so I need to keep my shit together.

4: Sunday will see me hit double figures for the first time in ages. 10-11 miles planned (with a very early start), then another photoshoot, then an afternoon at my desk. Who said journalism wasn't glamorous?

5: Did I mention I am tired? I burned myself out twice in the past, and it was no fun at all. No plans to do it again, but the next three weeks will be incredibly hard.

6: We may watch either 22 Bullets or Limitless tonight. Who knows?

7: My facts never feel really random.

8: Everyone coos over Darcy the Dog when we're out, and not Millie. But those in the know, know that she is, in fact, SuperDog aka Best. Dog. Ever.

9: Nine is the phonetic pronounciation of the German word for 'no'. True story.

10: I have to take the dogs out in a minute. I don't think they've had enough walks the last few days. My bad. Fucking work, you big bastard.

11: No, I got nothing. Did I mention I'm... Oh yeah, I did. Well, I am. I'm going to go and relax. After doing all that stuff I have to do!

12: Which includes fact number 12: many famous actors got their first significant roles in horror movies. Kevin Bacon in Friday 13th, Holly Hunter and that fat bloke off Seinfeld in The Burning, Johnny Depp in Nightmare on Elm Street are probably the most famous. Joel Coen's first film job was on Evil Dead, too. I mean as well, not Evil Dead II.

13: I finished reading Chrissie Wellington's autobiography yesterday, and it's great. Read it.

14: Where did all this energy come from? Is that a second wind I smell?

15: False alarm. 'Night!


  1. a cold beer sounds AMAZING. i'm not helping.

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