Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Short and stiff

Yep, that's me. Well, that was this morning's run. I woke up having had a truly lovely sleep, 8 solid hours of it, to my alarm clock singing 'Jonty go run, Jonty go run, the weather is bad but you'll have fun, Jonty, o Jonty, go run... Run!' My wife recorded that for me last winter, and it's set very low so only I can hear it. Great way to wake up!

Anyway, I lay there for a few minutes (35) thinking about the run, planning where I'd go and what I would do. This helps me when I lack motivation, and means I get more out of the run - especially shorter runs. I decided to do two miles quick, then some hill sprints and finish. Bear in mind recent running has been neither satisfying nor structured, I thought I would ease back into what is still, for me, a hard workout.

The two miles went fine. I think I maintained around a 9-minute mile, which is still quick for me. I even enjoyed some of it, and the tunes on my delicious new iPod Shuffle have been a pleasant surprise. I filled 1.2gig with my old running faithfuls - Pearl Jam, Faith No More, and a motley collection that I have built up over the last seven or eight years that just work for me. I then 'autofilled' the remaining space, and it's resulted in some really odd stuff, most of which I am not really familiar with. Who knew Arcade Fire would be so bloody good to run to? Not me, guv. Who knew I would skip EVERY Beach Boys track? In my defence, it's all from Pet Sounds and it's just not very... Runny.

Anyway, then it was time for the hill sprints, which came on the last hill before the short walk home. I only did five, I think if I had aimed for seven or eight it would have resulted in vomiting! This length of hill took me perhaps 20 seconds to run up. That's all. But it's plenty steep, well, enough for me. I haven't done this kind of session in ages, and I can feel it in my legs right now.

Tomorrow I am supposed to do a longer run, maybe a five-miler if I wake up feeling excellent. But takeaway Thai food and champagne beckon, it's Valentine's Day I'm told.

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