Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's been a while

But sadly, absence has not left me with a raft of anecdotes to lift the heart or even raise a smile.

Training goes on, the second spring marathon is this Sunday in Edinburgh. I feel good, my legs are amazing, stronger than ever. I suspect I'm developing tendinitis in the big toe of my right foot, but rest post-race for a couple of weeks should see that off, with some icing and anti-inflammatories too.

What else is there... Not much going on other than working, training, sleeping, that kind of thing. Not that I have been doing loads of training - since London, I don't think I've done a run longer than 12 miles. In fact, I did a lovely 12 miles yesterday morning. I hope it's enough to get me home in about 4:40 on the day. The difference this time - I don't know if I have said this already, but here goes - is that I am wearing my iPod. All the way round, all by myself, great music, no cheering, screaming, nothing but me and music, and putting one foot in front of the other for a really long time. Just like in training. I can't deal with all the noise of people, it drives me insane. I'm always reminded in big races that actually, I hate being in large groups of people. So hopefully I'll hit my marks in this race, and finish like I know I can. I'm trying over-the-counter IBS medication, which I may combine with Imodium on the day (two toilet stops in London, not good) just to get to the end. Also my fuelling will be different - now I can eat chocolate again, I will be using Mars bars to get me round. A big kick of glucose, fairly easy to digest, job done.

 Only thing is, the weather is hot all this week. I wonder what the weekend will bring? Overcast and showery, please!

 Oh, finally, September's event is coming on in leaps and bounds. Should have the web sites up and running this weekend, finally, so we can actually sell some places for the race and tickets for the evening. Yay!

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