Monday, 18 June 2012

A month off

Well, I promised myself in a kind of half-arsed way that I would take some time off running after Edinburgh, and I have.

As I type this, I have done NO exercise of any kind in three weeks and two days. I'm climbing the fucking walls in one way, and enjoying it in another.

I dream about press ups, about one-armed press-up technique (which is really weird, as I have no intention of ever doing one), about the feeling when the high comes, when the legs fill with a rush of blood and all you can feel is love for the universe.

I also dreamed I had a big puffy nipple erection (only one of them, mind, which somehow made it worse) and was wearing a very tight, thin jumper, so didn't want to leave the house. So you can't read too much into what I'm dreaming.

I still feel good, and I'm still getting out for miles each day - I still walk the dogs up to three hours a day, my legs feel great, but I am looking forward to next week and what will effectively be starting from scratch. I haven't taken time off from running since this injury-free period started nearly two years ago.

I'm glad I've done it, I have energy to burn at the moment. I woke up at 6 this morning naturally, just done an interview at 7am, the day stretches long ahead of me and it's full of promise. Our race event web site will be up later today, finished and ready for submissions; I'm thinking about renewing my gym membership and trying that thing I always talked about - run in the morning, walk the dogs, work the day, then go to the gym and finish with a swim. I think I can handle that three times a week if not four, then one long run on a day by itself and two full rest days. Sounds fucking great to me, to be honest.

I'm burbling. Some of the energy must be coming out through my fingers.

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  1. I stopped paying attention after "big puffy nipple erection' which is the most disturbing phrase of the day, but I'm glad things are going well.

    I'm afraid that your Yahoo email has been subverted, by the way - I had two spam emails from it a couple of days ago.