Monday, 18 March 2013

Hmmmm. Injured, maybe.

For the first time in an age I appear to have an injury issue. Which is ok. It's my right knee, it just feels... kind of dead, actually. Some runs it happens early on, some it's only if I go over five miles, but it usually ends up feeling like dead weight. It's not painful as such, but it's uncomfortable and it's weird.

And my right foot... Well, I fell on the stairs a few months ago while playing with the cat, landed awkwardly bruising a toe (nail is still black) and doing something peculiar inside... And now, it seems if I run over about five miles, that flares up again. That is quite unpleasant too; wondering if I may have broken a metatarsal, there are so many tiny bones in the feet that can break and we can function fine, except for doing sill shit like running on roads.

And tonight, my half marathoners want to do seven or eight miles. I might have to sit it out and let them do it without me, which will be upsetting. I want to hold their hands as they hit these little landmarks! This is the build-up to the race which is in just under eight weeks. They can already do an hour comfortably, so I'm just building the time now, with an extra 10 minutes a week on their long runs. They'll be more than ready but they are nervous. Nerves are good. Fear, not so much. They'll get there though, and they will be more confident as we get closer.

In other news, we are setting up a charity the focus of which will be getting people up off their arses and becoming more active. Not just running but walking, boxing, biking, zumba, yoga, pilates, you name it. To involve local businesses, international brands, organise race events and change the world a small step at a time.

More on that soon. For now, I have to go and do the shopping, and some work. I could really do with a substantial lottery win, that would be a big help...