Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Helping creatively, from afar.

So a colleague - a friend by now, I suspect - from the industry I do most of my work in is a fellow runner. We talk running by email, she is far more experienced than I but we have a similar attitude toward running far. Far is good. She's a former Boston Marathoner, too, so she must have taken it pretty seriously at some point.

Anyway, to do her bit for Boston, and for the victims of one of the most cynical bombings I can remember (only Warrington tops Boston for sheer cynicism for me), she has written a short story and is selling it digitally via Amazon. It's good, too, though it did make me cry.

Everything that comes in from sales is being donated to the Boston Red Cross. If you run, or read, or hopefully both, check this out; it's a wonderful way to help from afar.


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