Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The peaks are higher but the troughs are deeper

Sorry, it's been a while I know.

What have I been up to... Not a lot, really. Drinking quite heavily (but with breaks, not every day by any stretch of the imagination), trying to sleep, running... Working occasionally, walking the dog a lot.

A couple of weeks ago I hit some kind of running nirvana, hitting well over 20 miles in one week, 25 the next - and then nothing. I lost my mojo.

I can already tell this post will ramble. Bear with me.

I realised today that I am feeling very, very low, and that this feeling is relative to the high that came before it. This happened a month or so ago as well, I had a fantastic day out with my group (the steam train adventure) then hit a real low afterward.

Well, this Sunday four members of my running group completed their first-ever half marathon. It was quite an emotional day to say the least, what with fairly poor training (thanks to the weather, personal issues, illness) and big life changes for two of my ladies. Myself and one of their mums waited by the finish line, screaming ourselves hoarse as we cheered every runner home. My throat hurt - 6,500 runners is a lot of shouting encouragement.

Anyway, they all made it, and to be honest, they all made it look easy. And they're all already wanting to do another, possibly followed by a marathon in Autumn.

So we had this lovely day, a weekend of adventure, then came home. And I got low the next day - and I think the trough is relative to both the peak before it, and my start point, which was below par in the first instance. So from being really quite low, I got super-high and all proud of my ladies, to dropping way back below where I started.

It's not helped by the death of another schoolfriend (three in 12 months, over 30 in 22 years) who was buried today; and by a disastrous 'date' that I went on, on Friday. Should never have thought I was ready to do that, and should never have done it with someone I hardly know. Still, lesson learned, but the snooty text I got Monday was a kick in the nuts I could have done without.

What else is there? I haven't run since Friday, and while alcohol is calling me tonight, I will get out and run tomorrow for sure. I hope it will drag me out of this funk. Those two much-higher-mileage weeks were fantastic. I need to get that feeling back - and to sleep because I have worked hard and am tired, rather than because I am drunk.

I'll probably blog more too.