Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Oh, and...

...a sprained ankle put paid to training for that ridiculous marathon which would have happened a month or so ago, which was a relief, really. It was Lily's ankle that got sprained, not mine, but it put her out for weeks. She's just coming back to running with the group now.

However, as we are not renowned for our common sense, we have signed up for a different Stupid Fucking Race instead. Three of the ladies in my group have signed up for the Tough Guy Half Marathon at the end of March 2014. Over 200 obstacles, including fire, water and electrocution. In a fit of absolute madness, I signed up for the full marathon, which is over 400 obstacles and 26.2 miles.

The full is actually two laps of the course, so I guess you finish the half and think "Yay! Let's go again!" or "Fuck this for a game of soldiers". I wonder how tough that will be psychologically on the day.

Of course, if something is bust in my foot I won't be doing any more than cheering on the day anyway. So let's wait and see. We're doing a hilly trail run in the woods tonight, in the dark, with headtorches. My favourite.

Monday, 9 December 2013

I've been around

Well, a bit. Not been blogging though.

I've been rather down, and I've been quite drunk again. I had a whole month booze-free and I had a whale of a time - really! - but the downs came back and it all seems so very self-perpetuating and whinge moan whinge.

I'll be back with more. Just not today. Waiting for an x-ray on my foot which will hopefully show something really minor that does not require surgery... If it's anything that needs surgery, that's the March marathon out of the window and any kind of mileage between now and then. Which will depress me, because the route out of the doldrums is one that needs to be run.